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Isn't it amazing how a business concept can grow and evolve from the place it originated?

Out of the Office Services was founded by Nicole Vosburgh of East Rochester as a Virtual Assistant company in 2015 by a need in the micro and small business community of upstate New York. Most start a business because of a passion or talent they wish to pursue, NOT because they want to do the mundane tasks of business ownership, but hiring staff is a huge and scary commitment that many are not in the position to step into.

In helping to take the little business tasks off the plate of business owners on a flexible hourly schedule, they were able to focus on what they got into business for in the first place. OOS handled many of these tasks remotely, allowing for business owners to go out and grow their client and sale base, eventually also growing into a financial state of being able to finally bring on part-time and even full-time staff to continue on with that journey. 

Since then, the services that OOS now offers to businesses has evolved into a FULL B2B solution. How did this happen?

As a Wife and Husband team, entrepreneurism runs in the family. Nicole stepped in to help the family print shop for 2 years managing the administrative aspects of the business. When an opportunity not to be passed by knocked at the door, the print shop of 47 years merged with a larger print facility withing Rochester, leaving aspects of the business that did not quite fit into the merger. However, they DID fit into the concept of helping to manage the little things, while business owners managed the rest!

As such...Out of the Office Services absorbed the departments of Warehousing/Kitting/Fulfillment, Promotional Merchandise and Apparel, Short-run Print Facilitation and Websites and Digital Marketing

300 Main Street, Suite 35 East Rochester, NY 14445
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-2:00 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
Phone: 585-472-4115 Text: 585-472-4115 
E-mail: info@outoftheofficeservices.com

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